You have energy. You don't ache. And you like your body! 

Sound too good to be true? It's not. 

Hi, I'm Heather.


I'm a middle-aged momma with three autoimmune diseases. I'm off medication and I feel amazing. 

Hey I thought I was pretty healthy. Doesn't everyone?

But then autoimmune diseases disrupted everything.

Had I been more aware, I'd have picked up on the subtle signals my body had been sending for decades.  Things like heartburn, bloating, belching, these symptoms were with me daily. I had no idea these symptoms were warnings, trying to tell me how out of balance I was. Read more about my MASSIVE health jolt.

Through nutrition and lifestyle experiments I discovered my personal root of wellbeing.

And my answer wasn't pharmaceuticals.

My answer? Changing the way I did health. Consciously choosing to prioritize my wellbeing over anything else. Self-preservation instead of self-sacrifice. And guess what? I brought my body back into balance and I rediscovered THE MAGIC of feeling well.

Craving more vitality? Energy? A More Extraordinary Life? That's my jig.

I'm a health coach. And isn't everyone?

Specifically I'm a functional medicine certified health coach. Root cause resolution is the focus, not symptom suppression. In other words, you get better. And nothing is more important than getting your health back. Today I'm stronger, thinner and happier than I was 20 years ago. Want to have control over your health? Want more energy, enthusiasm and joy? Feel like you've tried it all, but don't have the skills to stay the course? Let's talk. 

 What inspires me?

We make 1000's of decisions every day. But how often do we internally choose health? 

I love watching people improve their lives.

Grow healthy.  Flourish and thrive.

Just like Carrie and Jane did.

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Copy of Three autoimmune diseases, off all medication, and feeling AMAZING!-5.png

Food plans I know like the back of my hands

Gluten-free - Whole 30 - Paleo - Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) - DASH - GAPS - Mediterranean - SCD

Institute for Functional Medicine Food Plans: Detox - Mito - Cardiometabolic - ReNew - Core 

My personal guiding principles

(These work for me, they may or may not work for you. Let's find out!)

Well...what do you think?

Want to take control of your health?

No longer let the extra pounds, the fatigue, the chronic WORRY about everything...define you?

How about create a life and body you love.