Want to make space in your life… for the things that matter most?


My name is Heather and welcome to Root of Wellbeing. I’m a national board-certified health & wellness coach. I make health simple so you can live the life you want.


Do you feel like your clothes are CHOKING you?

What matters most to you? Want to get your health back but not a fan of diets? Maybe you’re feeling stuck. Struggling to get off sugar (you’re not alone). Or maybe you know what you need to do, but the thought of starting over (again) feels overwhelming. Maybe you’re unsure of what “diet” or cleanse to try. Want to feel like you can SLIDE into your clothes? Want to go into your closet and not worry?

A simple shift can ALTER the course of your life.

There’s a world that awaits you and I’d love to be your guide. What matters? That you’re feeling vibrant and whole. For me I'm off years of medication and I'm stronger, leaner and happier than I was 20 years ago. My answer wasn't pharmaceuticals or counting calories. My answer was changing the way I “did health.” And that chapter started in the kitchen.

Read more about my MASSIVE health jolt.

BREAKTHROUGHS get you to live the life you most want to live with the body you most want to have.

Why I love coaching? It’s all about the breakthroughs. Breakthroughs that get you your high school / college / pre-baby body back. The one you didn't appreciate enough at the time, but would love to have now. If you want to break the cycle, if you want a new result, you need a new action. We work through the root causes—emotional, physical and mental—of what's got you stuck, and we get you back on track. If you’re willing to show up, you’ll find hope, willpower, motivation, and each morning brighter than the one before.


“Heather sees the best in you and reflects it back out into the world so that you can eventually see yourself the way that she does. The first time I met Heather, I had just had a horrible fight with someone close to me. Instead of trying to hide what I was going through, I decided to be brave and share what was true for me in that moment. I thought I might be monopolizing the group's time with my "problems." Heather made me feel like it was 100% okay to not only be feeling everything I was but also that her group was the perfect setting to be feeling it in. She found my vulnerability perfect. Even though I had only known this woman for less than an hour, I felt more love and acceptance from her in that moment then I had in a long time. It was exactly what I needed. Over our time together, I started to find myself perfect too, and in doing so, my confidence and love for myself soared.” -Kristina in Colorado