Embracing the fullness of who you are?

 Without health, no juice. No juice, no life.

My name is Heather and I'm a health coach. Specifically I'm a functional medicine certified health coach. Why functional medicine? It's comprehensive. It's mind, body, spirit. And it's the model that is transforming health care. Root cause resolution is the focus, not symptom suppression. In other words, you get better. And I believe nothing is more important than your health.

A Body In Balance Is Everything.

I thought I was pretty healthy until it was clear that I wasn't. It felt like autoimmune diseases disrupted everything. However for years my body had been sending me subtle signals that I had been ignoring.  Things like heartburn, bloating, belching, these symptoms were with me daily. I had no idea these symptoms were warnings, trying to tell me how drastic, how horribly out of balance I was. Things had to change. Through years of nutrition and lifestyle experimentation I discovered my personal root of wellbeing. And my answer wasn't pharmaceuticals. My answer? Changing the way I did health. Consciously choosing to prioritize my wellbeing over anything else. And guess what? I brought my body back into balance and I rediscovered the magic—THE MAGIC—of feeling well.

I Design Healthy Lives.

I'm stronger, thinner and happier than I was 20 years ago. Want more energy, enthusiasm and joy? Don't want to get sick? Does the epidemic of chronic disease scare you? Focus on your STORY and your BODY will follow. Let's talk. I spend my time coaching. I coach those who decide that feeling like crap is no longer okay with them and I coach progressive health care practitioners on their marketing. 


You have massive amounts of energy. You don't ache. You like your body! And you're unstoppable. 

Sound too good to be true?

It's not. And it's not too late. 

Three autoimmune diseases, off all medication, and feeling AMAZING!-2.png