Want health to feel simple? This 3 week online functional health + wellness BOOST is for you.


Want health to feel simple? This 3 week online functional health + wellness BOOST is for you.

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What do you need to thrive? How do you nurture what’s best within you? 

How much is true transformation worth to you?

Being healthy can feel so complicated. Could you use inspiration to get you back on the path to better health? A boost in the right direction? Without energy and vitality, it's hard to shine our lights on the things we care most about. 

The BOOST is a 3 week online seasonal functional health + wellness challenge. You can participate in it from anywhere around the world. You don't have to be a vegan or paleo to do it, just open to eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods. If you're worried about recipes, I've got you covered. We'll be using the Mito (chondira) food plan—created by The Institute for Functional Medicine. When our mitochondria are working well, they help to reduce fatigue, pain and cognitive problems while supporting muscle mass and burning excess fat. Simply put, this means we feel better, think more clearly, have less aches and stiffness and drop a few pounds. 

Would you like more energy, relief from pain, a leaner body and a vibrant glow?

The BOOST Cadence

We officially start Monday April 29th, however I'll be facilitating a live teleseminar prior to the kick off where you’ll learn everything you need to know about The BOOST. I'll will walk you step-by-step through the program and answer your questions.

April 24th, 7AM MT: Reading materials will be emailed to participants

April 28th, 3PM MT: Tele-seminar/The BOOST 101: Everything you need to know

April 29th: Official start of The BOOST


The BOOST: $197. For ~ $65 a week The BOOST is yours. 

The BOOST + 2 Private Coaching Sessions: $287*

*Receive 2 deeply discounted 45 minute coaching sessions with Heather to first amplify and then maintain the momentum created by the BOOST for only $90 more. The first coaching session will take place during the BOOST, the second will take place the week after the BOOST.

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