Feel like you could use a recharge? Wonder what Root of Wellbeing is like "in person?"



We've been getting together in person (almost) once a month for close to three years. We hover between 5-25 folks, and we inspire and empower one another toward greater happiness and vitality. That is a big statement and we work hard to keep it true.

Online we're a group of over 100 who are all focused on growing healthier with each advancing year.  Clients, if you are not already engaged, please ask to join our closed Facebook group here. If you have trouble connecting, search for The WellBEING aLIVE Tribe.  

Marian, recharged!

Marian, recharged!

"It is always a welcome respite to slow down and convene with like minded people in the format Heather has created with her WellBEING Meetup. Heather is very knowledgeable without arrogance and shares her personal journey with such openness that the group naturally opens to eagerly share their tips and experiences with healthy food, organic products and other resources for living a healthier lifestyle. I always walk away with the gift of greater knowledge and spirit from these gatherings."

~ Marian Van Poppel

In the past we've contributed to the greater good by sponsoring a different family each month and providing them with nutrient-dense, colorful groceries (plus a crockpot and immersion blender). We've done this on our own and have partnered with non-profits. Our 2017 partner was Family Promise.

Corporations: if you're interested in wellness seminars, the following session topics are available in corporate workshop formats.

Session Topics

A Well Life Panel. We are going to close out the year by bringing back a few of our favorite guest speakers for a lively panel discussion on what makes a WELL LIFE! Our guests will reveal their personal secrets on how they find their flow and what makes them THRIVE!

RelationshipsFinding Inner Peace and Freedom. We'll talk all about relationships with relationship guru Kimberly Johnson. I spent an hour with Kimberly a few weeks ago and walked away with a fresh new perspective on my personal relationship with Randy and a few incredible tips, she's genius!

How to address chronic stress. We'll talk about what stress is and how to transform it into something positive!

A Well Life. Explore 10 health practices that will get you there.

Let's do a PLASTIC PURGE! We'll show you why this is good for your wellbeing and how to do this. Guest Speaker: Plastic Purge author Mike SanClements  

Topic: Need A Mood Boost? We'll show you the way. Guest Speaker: Vitamin Cottage

Therapeutic foods that help the Rainforest within. We are more bacteria than human. And our bacteria need a healthy environment--imagine a rainforest where there is all kinds of beautiful, thriving diversity. So how do we do this? Its all about the home we are creating for our houseguests. We'll cover WHY we thrive from therapeutic foods (and pre + probiotics) and how they will help us create a better internal environment. Guest Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Thomas.

Whole Body Detox. This may sound harsh, but there are experts who believe we live in a toxic soup. Thankfully we can make small changes (that make a big difference) in cleaning up our lifestyles. And the benefits are tremendous.

Mindfulness...Meditation—not for you? There are numerous ways to do it—so don’t give up if you tried it and it “didn’t work!” Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, increases self awareness and happiness, slows aging, benefits cardiovascular and immune health…we’ll share some secrets and hope you will give it another shot. We promise not to put you to sleep!

How smooth or bumpy is your ride? How fulfilled are you in key areas of life such as health & wellbeing, family, fun & recreation? What areas are you willing to address now, soon, later? We will support and challenge one another to identify a few small steps we can take immediately. Small “shifts” that will make a big difference in our overall happiness!


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