Fall in love with your kitchen with this functional renovation

How much is true transformation worth to you?

You want your kitchen on your side.

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The Makeover

This is the makeover you’ve been waiting for! You don’t really like your kitchen and want someone to make it all better. This a one time session designed to recreate your space and fill it with nourishing foods so that it finally works for you. 

I only do 2 makeovers a month. Don't delay. Reserve your spot today.

Over the course of a 4 hour session, Heather will partner with you on the following:

  • A personal kitchen flow assessment and recommendation

You'll give me a tour of your kitchen and I'll give you on the spot recommendations as well as best practices to make your kitchen work better for you

  • A kitchen and pantry cleanse

I'll help you work through any emotions as we roll up our sleeves and throw out all the bad to make room for the good

  • A guided grocery store tour (Vitamin Cottage, Costco, or Whole Foods) to learn the fundamentals of easy and efficient shopping

  • Review and choice of one functional food plan framework (with comprehensive plan, shopping guide + recipes) 

  • Ongoing support via my closed Facebook group—The WellBEING aLIVE Tribe (with priority access to my Happiness Hikes and Book Club)

Investment: $797.

Grow Healthy, Live Fully. 

You're going to love your kitchen. And your kitchen is going to love you back.