Tired of not fitting into the cute clothes in your closet? Feel like you could use a boost? Then this is for you!

The FALL BOOST will officially kick off on September 16th (with materials being sent out on September 11th and a live tele-seminar Q&A on September 15th)

This is the jumping off point. The place where momentum lives. Begin moving forward today.

How much is true transformation worth to you?

Do you feel like you’re clothes are so tight that they’re choking you? Could you use inspiration to get you back on track to better health? Perhaps a boost in the right direction? Without energy and vitality, it's hard to shine our lights on the things we care most about. Being healthy can feel so complicated. It doesn't need to be. 

Want health to feel simple? Give yourself The BOOST. The BOOST is a 3 week online functional health + wellness challenge taking place between April 29th and May 19th, 2019.  

You can participate in it from anywhere around the world. You don't have to be a vegan or paleo to do it, just open to eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods.

We'll be using the Mito (chondira) food plan—created by The Institute for Functional Medicine. When our mitochondria are working well, they help to reduce fatigue, pain and cognitive problems while supporting muscle mass and burning excess fat. Simply put, this means we feel better, think more clearly, have less aches and stiffness and drop a few pounds. 

Would you like more energy, relief from pain, a leaner body and a vibrant glow?

Space is limited. Click here to reserve your spot in the BOOST today.  

Thank you so much for your honest sharing, encouragement, tips, recipes, and inspiration. I'm so glad I participated, it's definitely the BOOST I needed to prioritize me and my health. Thank you, thank you!  -Colleen in Colorado


This program is designed for you if you'd like to re-energize your life.

Kickstart your momentum with three weeks of focused effort that’ll open your eyes to tremendous possibilities. It's a simple step-by-step journey that'll teach you how to discover what food makes you feel the best and create a sustainable way of eating that will support you on your journey to vibrant health and longevity.

What will you notice? As you start to infuse your body with more whole foods, you’ll have increased energy. Weight will fall off. Overall wellbeing will dramatically improve.

This is for you if healthy eating feels complicated, cooking feels time-consuming and tedious, and meal planning feels overwhelming and annoying.

We’ll replace any kitchen anxiety with a new-found capability and confidence. 


What's Included in the BOOST?

Daily Videos and Encouragement

I'll be with you every step of the way. Each day of The BOOST you'll receive a 2 minute video from me offering functional wellness tips to guide you along your journey. Videos will demystify food and cooking. I'll share my food planning and shopping routine so that foods don’t go bad and you’re not running to the store every day to pick up something little. Recipe suggestions will be quick and easy. I'll give you plenty of ideas on how spend as little time as possible cooking and tips for simplifying what you eat. Videos will also cover other areas of Functional Wellbeing—exercise + movement, sleep + relaxation, relationships and stress transformation, all key lifestyle factors that have the power to create sustainable long term health and wellbeing.

The Institute for Functional Medicine Assets

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy spent significant time and effort schooling me on The Institute for Functional Medicine's many tremendous assets. We will be using a number of those assets in The BOOST.  We'll be incorporating the IFM's tips on sleeping, tips on stress transformation, symptom trackers, etc. as well as my own materials, like food reintroduction calendars and personal relapse prevention plans.

Private Online Community Forum

Meet the other courageous and curious folks doing this with you. You'll have private access to my Facebook group The BOOST, which will allow you to connect with the current group.  Each day I'll post an inspiring quote and an evocative question. You'll meet other boosters, share experiences, recipes, photos, surprises and successes along the way. I'll be sharing along side you and answering your questions while cheering you on. The energy and camaraderie for this community is one of my favorites aspects of the experience.

Live Lessons! 

Yes you read that right! I'll be doing MULTIPLE live cooking lessons from my kitchen in our community group. If you can't make it, you'll have the opportunity to watch it later. I'll also be doing a live tour of my neighborhood grocery store and show you how to get in and get out as quickly as possibly. 

Support & Coaching

Videos will arrive in your inbox and materials will be posted to the The BOOST community at 7AM MT each day. Check in whenever it best fits your schedule—morning, afternoon, evening. Even though online participation will be just a few minutes a day, I know the experience will be transformative. 

I coach my clients through every aspect of their journey toward a life and body they love. My methodology is rooted in Positive Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine, and Functional Nutrition. I'll be very active on the community forum, making sure this is a very personalized experience for you.  I'll be answering ALL of your questions. I'm committed to your success and I’ll hold your hand every step of the way. If you'd like private support and coaching during the program, that's available as well. I'm offering a handful of spots for those who want to make this a huge BOOST to their wellbeing. 

There's a deep well of wisdom within each one of us. You'll try things in this experiment that you haven't tried before. You're potential for wellness is unlimited. Unleash the power within, it's the most potent we have. 

The BOOST Cadence

We officially start Monday September 11th, however I'll be facilitating a live tele-seminar prior to the kick off where you’ll learn everything you need to know about The BOOST. I'll walk you step-by-step through the program and answer all your questions.

September 11th, 7AM MT: Reading materials will be emailed to participants

September 15th, 3PM MT: Tele-seminar/The BOOST 101: Everything you need to know

September 16th: Official start of The BOOST


The BOOST: $197. For ~$65 a week The BOOST is yours. 

(You can join me from anywhere in the world, for 3 weeks, for less than the cost of one private session with me!)

Want bigger results?

Sign up for The BOOST + 2 Private Coaching Sessions: $287*

*Receive 2 deeply discounted 45 minute coaching sessions with Heather to first amplify and then maintain the momentum created by the BOOST for only $90 more. The first coaching session will take place during the BOOST, the second will take place the week after the BOOST.

Love Notes from Prior Boosters 

I’m so close to fitting in my shorts from 8 years ago. Just a little right. This is the closest I’ve ever been. I’ve been watching my sugar intake, which has really helped with the bloating. Thanks Heather for all of the great guidance! -Gaylene in Colorado

The BiG BOOST gave me a few minor tweaks that made a huge difference in my energy level. It all started with the character strengths survey where Heather helped us to draw on what we’re already good at to improve our overall wellness, in bite-sized pieces. I started daily walks or swimming with my kids. I love the Mito plan and ate more healthy fats, tons of protein and craved wayyyy less gluten and diary and a little less wine. I made a conscious decision to go to bed earlier (sort of) and started using wool dryer balls (agh dryer sheet toxins!) Little changes and real intentions start to add up to a lot of positive energy ... and better fitting pants! -Christy in Florida

Things I've learned these last several weeks: Routine, planning and a stocked pantry are everything. Cravings are part of leaving sugar behindbut I am not living a deprived life, even though my addiction feels deprived. Goal wise: I'm down 6 lbs., so managed to surpass the 5 lb. goal. I'm daring to imagine what my body could feel and look like in a year if I stayed on the Mito foods indefinitely. That is noteworthy, because at the end of Whole 30, I couldn't wait to jump into a pile of chips and queso. My energy levels, despite some irregular sleeping (thanks, perimenopause!) have been so steady and I absolutely do not get the afternoon slump. That's also significant. It's truly worth almost anything to have that. Thank you! You provided plenty of avenues to consider, not only with meal planning, but also with other, manageable lifestyle changes to try on for size.-Elizabeth in Colorado

I am so proud to say that I have not strayed nor given myself a cheat day even when faced with multiple meals out at restaurants and two separate trips out of town with sooo many temptations. It’s been do able with just a few adjustments. At just 2 weeks in I’ve already gotten is a deeper awareness of the amount of sugar, dairy, soy and wheat that are in packaged foods. Also that I can easily curb the majority of my sugar cravings by eating protein and fat: a total revelation! -Grazyna in Michigan

I’ve become much more aware of how cutting way back on gluten and sugar have effected me and I love how I’m feeling. I’m truly enjoying and craving bowls of steamed, colorful veggies with meat, fish or eggs on top! Thx to the BOOST. I didn’t foresee this positive change coming to me this summer. -Laura in Michigan

While I can’t seem to completely eliminate any certain group, I’ve cut WAY back on gluten and sugar and upped the green veggie and protein intake. I can feel the difference and I like it. I’m not nearly as bloated in my abdomen as I used to be. It was a daily thing. Morning and night. Lots of discomfort. I feel more energetic too and strong 💪 - Jen in Mississippi

Ok this bread is fab! Best gf baked good I’ve made. I just baked a new loaf last night and had a slice for breakfast.  Thanks a million for bringing that recipe into my world! -Anna in Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like being hungry—will I be hungry?

All calories are not created equal. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach I follow the thinking that Food is Medicine. Whole, real foods embody the life force that brings health, energy and vitality.  You'll be encouraged to eat when you are hungry. You'll eat from a wide variety of delicious whole foods like green smoothies, fresh fruits, vegetables, non-gluten grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and organic lean meats. You will also be given a robust recipe section for ideas and suggestions.

As important as what we eat is how, when, and why we eat. We'll touch on the various emotional states that drive food choices and eating behaviors and I'll provide tools that address emotional eating. 

I hate cooking. Do I have to cook?

Yes, unless you have a personal chef. I promise to make it easy. I'll share a comprehensive food plan, shopping list, simple recipes with minimal ingredients and all kinds of tips that remove the complexity and fear factor from the kitchen.

My stress and schedule are crazy, I'm not sure how to fit anything in but really wanting to be healthy. Do I have time for this?

The BOOST is just a few minutes of engagement a day, and you can do it at any time of the day. Do it for you. Do you have time NOT to do this? 

I’m not comfortable sharing personal stuff on social media. I’ve been in similar private groups and get inspiration from others – but I don’t often add updates on my progress or things like that. Will this work?

Absolutely. You can be an active contributor or a silent observer, you choose the route you are most comfortable with. 

I'm interested in joining, but I'm worried I don't have enough time to shop before kickoff, should I still join?

Yes. Eat as healthy as you can at kick-off. And then formally start when you can. Better late than never. 

I want to do this but just not sure how accountable I can be at the are sick, my husband is out-of-town and I'm exhausted. 

At a minimum you'll be able to carve more you time out of this challenge. You can throw yourself into it or do it as a background boost. Regardless, you'll benefit no matter what. 

Is this really going to work?

Even though online participation will be just a few minutes a day, the experience will be transformative. For all of us. What you put in will be what you get out, and I know you're already a motivated bunch. 


Grow Healthy, Live Fully. 

Want health to feel simple? Give yourself this BOOST.