If you’re weren’t thinking about food or your weight, what would you be focusing on?

What are the things that matter most to you?

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If you're looking to lose the weight and keep it off for good, than you probably know that the likelihood of your success is much greater if you have a support system.

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Even though you may have taken off weight in the past, here’s what you might not know.

  1. Wanting to lose weight isn’t enough.

    You have to be willing to lose the weight as well. What does this entail? Are you willing to get honest about what you really want? Willing to get on the scale? Willing to start today—not tomorrow or next week?

  2. Doing Less is more.

    You don’t have to do a 360, but you have to be willing to do less of what’s not working for you. Fewer pops and fewer handfuls of chips. Notice that I didn’t say you need to get rid of them altogether, although that’s not such a bad idea.

  3. splurging (with quality treats) needs to be part of the plan.

    It’s great to take off weight, but if you can’t maintain the weight loss then what’s the point of all that effort? Planning splurges on the calendar and enjoying them thoroughly will help you sustain your progress.

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Perhaps in your most courageous moments you’ve made the commitment to start.

You woke up and said today’s the day.

You told yourself that you weren’t going to “cheat,” and that you could get through the day even though you’d be hungry.

If you were super committed, you might have even made a meal plan and gone to the grocery store to stock up so that you’d be set for the week.

But then Wednesday came around and even with the best intentions, you abandoned your dream of weighing less.

Why? For so many different reasons, but mostly because of the feeling of overwhelm. And it’s not so much the weight that makes you sad, but the fact that you know that you’d have so much more energy and passion for life if you could just release the extra pounds.

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So why is it so hard for so many of us to lose weight? Is it because of hormones, age, genetics? Yes, and so much more. But we overcomplicate things and when decide to lose weight, we do so in a GO - READY - SET mode, which doesn’t get us very far.

So where should we be starting? Here. ->

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  1. Clearing the clutter in our heads involves finding the courage to address the thoughts and emotions that are draining us.

    Thoughts that pull us down and trap us in a victim role. If someone brings donuts to the office, and you’re trying to stay away from them, the fact that there are donuts in your vicinity does not make you a victim. The person who brought the donuts? They’re not the villain.

What to do? Anchor into your ‘Why.” Find thoughts that energize you. Even if you do have a donut, focus on your wins.

2. Clearing the clutter in our hearts entails plugging into a bigger purpose outside of ourselves.

When you lead a more intentional life, you’ll stop distracting yourself from your holes with food, alcohol and your credit card.

What to do? Get involved so that you don’t have time to focus on yourself.

3. Clearing the clutter in our kitchens means getting rid of some of the choices.

Do a purge and remove the cheap processed foods, artificial colors and refined sugars which aren’t getting you any closer to your goals. Don’t worry about how much you spent on them, they’re even more costly if they enter your body.

What to do? Find YOUR superfoods. Foods that make you feel vibrant, energetic and whole.

When we clear the clutter, we become open to experiencing the beauty of Simply Full moments.

Simply Full moments are moments where you feel good about yourself for being where you are because you intentionally worked —mentally, emotionally or physically to get there. —Heather

What Simply Full moments look like:

  1. Deciding to get back on a bicycle after it sat in the garage for 10 years and riding farther than you thought you would. 

  2. Learning how to change the thoughts that create the feelings that drive you to do things you later regret—like overeating and over-drinking. 

  3. Knowing the root cause of your weight gain, learning how to take it off permanently, and no longer feeling embarrassed in your swimming suit this summer. 

  4. Following a meal plan and not having to toss spoiled produce at the end of the week.

  5. Trying a new recipe and realizing that it was a lot easier to make than you thought it would be. 

  6. Getting your kids to eat better without complaints. 

  7. Not succumbing to food cravings in the evening and feeling proud about it. 

  8. Saying no to more clutter in your life

  9. Learning how to enhance your relationships—starting with yourself and then with others.

  10. Knowing that you created a body and a life that you love.

What Simply Full moments don’t look like:

Counting calories and portion sizes. Feeling deprived and left out. Losing the weight only to put it back on faster than you lost it. Being overwhelmed on where to start. Not understanding why you’re not taking action. Trying to change a negative behavior before addressing the root cause of that behavior.

I want everyone to have more Simply Full moments and I’m on a mission to make this happen. – Heather

Introducing the Simply Full Sisterhood

Simply Full is my virtual membership club focused on whole-body wellness + weight loss. It’s a system designed to help you create a life where you feel truly good about yourself. It's for you if you want to discover a way of living that consciously enhances your health and wellbeing.

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Simply Full is designed to guide you to focus on the things that matter most by putting energy toward a body and life you love. It's community. It's camaraderie. It's for you if you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds. It's about finding freedom and flow. Cutting back on stuff. Becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

In Simply Full, you’ll find encouragement and inspiration to get and stay on track. I include healthy family recipes and advice on changing both your own eating habits and your children’s. I address eating healthy on a budget, emotional eating, decluttering your kitchen, eating healthy on the road, and eliminating stress from your food prep routine. I go beyond nutrition and address areas that in aggregate lead us to creating a simply full life.

Simply Full is real life. I go Live at my messiest—sick with no make-up on, and when I’m feeling my best and brightest. There’s no filter—just me being me. They say a rising tide lifts all boats, and that’s what I’ve designed Simply Full to do for you. – Heather

What's Included in Simply Full?

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Sounds good and want to know more?

  1. Weekly Lessons and Encouragement

Live lessons are delivered at 6PM MT on Sunday evenings in the Simply Full Community Facebook Page. They’re recorded so that you can watch later if you like. These 20 minute lessons are accompanied by a FunWork (a short assignment) designed to create deeper and richer conversations around the monthly theme. FunWork is located in the files section of our community and are there for inspiration and introspection.

Each week includes a new lesson and FunWork. 

  • Week 1 we imagine…

  • Week 2 we go deeper...

  • Week 3 we let go…

  • Week 4 we celebrate…

FunWork is not mandatory. Nothing is required, however the more you do, the better your results. If you prioritize the work in Simply Full, you’ll benefit.

2. The Institute for Functional Medicine Assets

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy spent significant time and effort schooling me on The Institute for Functional Medicine's (IFM’s) many tremendous assets.

As we are all chemically unique and respond differently to foods, I don’t push one way of eating. You can be Paleo, Pegan, Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore—they all have their own merits.

I get a lot of questions about what I eat. I loosely follow the IFM’s Renew food plan. So that we have a common vernacular, I share it with members of Simply Full. It’s designed to be a whole systems reboot to get you on a renewed path to wellness. Why do I love ReNew? It gets rid of all the clutter! According to The IFM, the ReNew Food Plan “focuses on removing processed foods with sugar, grains and dairy—the main sources of most food allergies and intolerances—as well as artificial sweeteners and processed chemicals.”

You’ll receive our favorite family recipes as well as all kinds of inspiration from IFM that you can decide to incorporate or not. It’s truly up to you. Before trying anything new, consider seeking out advice from your doctor.

3. Private Online Community Forum

The energy and camaraderie of this community is one of my favorites aspects of the experience. This is where I’m Live with lessons on Sundays and come to you from my kitchen on Wednesdays. Spotlight coaching happens here as well. Simply Full members share experiences, recipes, photos, surprises and personal successes throughout the month. I share alongside you and answer your questions while cheering you on.

4. Live Drop-In Lessons! 

Yes you read that right! I do impromptu live cooking lessons from my kitchen in our community group. If you can't make it, you have the opportunity to watch later as everything is recorded. I also take you grocery shopping with me and share tips for getting in and out quickly.

5. Support & Coaching

Spotlight coaching happens once a month—apply and when you’re chosen you’ll be coached on anything you like.

What’s our Manifesto? Glad you asked! Here it is:

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Want to focus on the things that matter most to you? I get it.

“The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You.” – Sonny Franco

Investment for Simply Full is only $39/month.

For the community, camaraderie, functional medicine materials, my personal meal plans, Live videos and FunWork, you pay only

~ $1 a day.

Register for this powerful program today and lock in the very low rate of $39 a month.

The doors are starting are opening now, and our Simply Full sisters are excited to meet you. Simply Full registration will be formally open again in mid January, 2020 at $59 /mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like being hungry—will I be hungry?

Hey I don’t like to be hungry either. And if you’re walking around hungry all the time, how can that be sustainable? All calories are not created equal. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach I follow the thinking that Food is Medicine. Whole, real foods embody the life force that brings health, energy and vitality. So I eat when I’m hungry, and I eat food that leaves me feeling great. I want the same for you.

As important as what we eat is how, when, and why we eat. We'll touch on the various emotional states that drive food choices and eating behaviors and I'll provide tools that address emotional eating. I’m also a fan of Intermittent Fasting and can share my favorite resources from the top experts in the field.

I hate cooking. Do I have to cook?

Yes, unless you have a personal chef. I promise to make it easy. I'll share all kinds of tips that remove the complexity and fear factor from the kitchen.

My stress and schedule are crazy, I'm not sure how to fit anything in but really wanting to be healthy. Do I have time for this?

If your health is important to you, you don’t have time to not do it.

I’m not comfortable sharing personal stuff on social media. I’ve been in similar private groups and get inspiration from others – but I don’t often add updates on my progress or things like that. Will this work?

Absolutely. You can be an active contributor or a silent observer, you choose the route you are most comfortable with. 

I'm interested in joining, but I'm worried I’ll be overwhelmed, should I still join?

Yes. I make things simple. Pinky promise. In fact, this program removes the overwhelm throughout your life helping you to clear the clutter and create white space.

I want to do this but just not sure how accountable I can be at the moment...kids are sick, my husband is out-of-town and I'm exhausted. 

If you’re looking for excuses, those are valid. Kind of. I still think you should jump in. Is there ever going to be a perfect time? Plus the pricing will never be this low again. So sign-up and then engage when the time is right for you.

Is this really going to work?

What you put in will be what you get out, and I know you’ve got what it takes. I'm committed to your success and I can help motivate you to be committed to your success as well.

"The Simply Full lifestyle frees me up from thinking about food all the time. It's such a relief to no longer be wrestling with all the emotions. I know exactly what I’m going to eat and not going to eat, and doing that takes the emotions away. Heather's approach makes it simple in my brain and I've lost 21 pounds to date." – Michelle in Colorado

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Grow Healthy, Live Fully. 

Want health to feel simple? Join our us.