Ready to revitalize your health? Fill the bucket with JOY?

Journey to JoyFULL is designed for those recovering from chronic illness or wishing to prevent it. It is for those who are ready to put in the effort to improve their overall health and WELLbeing. Time has shown that success is about skill power—not willpower. Without a WELL life vision and a corresponding plan, it is human nature to relapse into prior habits. Want to loose weight and keep it off? Break an addiction to sugar? Willpower alone is not sustainable.  

Through Journey to JoyFULL, you will be immersed in the SKILL power behind Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Mind Body Medicine and Positive Psychology—and you will get results. 

But just signing up is not enough. You have to truly participate in order to achieve the benefits. You have to not only want change, but be ready to  create the change. Live the change. Don't be nervous, I will be with you every step of the way.


Journey to JoyFULL is rooted in the healing power of functional nutrition, fitness, detoxification, and emotions. It is lifestyle medicine, disease prevention and health promotion.  

Program Duration + Location

Journey to JoyFULL is an online 20 day program held on my private Facebook page—tune in from where ever you like. 

Program Materials

Journey to JoyFULL is made up of learnings modules, vision crafting exercises, journal exercises, food + fitness challenges, food plans, recipes, tips, inspiration, accountability and a lot of my PERSONAL ATTENTION!

Our Communication

I will be LIVE daily sharing the theme and the focus for the respective day, as well as engaging and encouraging participants in various exercises and activities throughout each day.

Journey to JoyFULL is roll-up-your-sleeves FUN. It is interactive and introspective. It is learning. It is growing. It is community. I am so excited to join you on YOUR JOURNEY to JoyFULL. 

Who is this for?

Those who are ready for a healthier and happier story. A better story. Those who want to rediscover the magic of feeling well and live their best life possible.

It is for those who are tired of struggling with a chronic condition—like weight gain, poor immune system health, fatigue. It is for those who would like to lower the amount of stress and pain they have, like to experience more energy, more enthusiasm, more joy, and who care enough about themselves to commit to better health.

Is this you?


Think Journey to JoyFULL is for you?

For under $10 a day, invest in your returning energy, enthusiasm and joy.

Invest in yourself.

In your health.

When we choose wellness, we choose JOY.

Choose YOU.

You are worth it.


Choose to Meet Your Best You.