Health doesn't just happen—health is made

The same goes for the success of your practice

Do you have what it takes?

You got into medicine to make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with chronic health issues. You're tired of prescribing medication that masks symptoms and often creates new ones. You choose medicine because you're a healer. This is your calling.

Think hard about the following questions:

What do you stand for? What is your story?

Is your practice thriving? Or are you just starting out?

What are the tensions your clients are experiencing?

What is your message to them?

What is your signature offering? 

Have you figured out your practice's unique root of wellbeing?

If you are not successful, how will you help heal the chronically wounded world?


I am an enthusiastic, National Board Certified and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with over 20 years of corporate branding and marketing experience.

I have an MBA, have worked with business coaches and have completed numerous online digital business courses. I’ll be attending Mindshare in August.

I've facilitated hundreds of workshops—branding workshops, naming workshops, messaging workshops for brands like Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company and IBM.

Reach out—we'll talk about your vision. I'd be delighted to coach you on how to turn your dreams of a thriving health practice into a reality.



Amanda Simpson—Marketing, Branding & Sales Enablement Leader

Leopard, An Ogilvy Speciality Agency

If you’re looking to create a high-energy workshop that results in actionable information, work with Heather Aardema. I personally have participated in, or assisted in, facilitating a number of her branding, marketing and messaging workshops, and would say she is hands-down the strongest facilitator you can find.

Heather has a keen ability to stimulate critical thinking, draw conversation from the full complement of participants, and uncover findings and areas of opportunity based on the dialogue she generates. She can quickly connect insights to craft relevant and meaningful stories and has deep expertise in creating the personas and customer/buyer journeys that are mandatory for useful messaging.

Heather is incredibly strategic and maintains a focused purpose with all her work – yet she finds a way to make it engaging and fun. You will never be bored at one of her working sessions. And you’ll be amazed at how much she makes you think in just a few short hours.

Shelly Meyer—D.O., M.S., R.D.

Family Physician and Registered Dietitian
Highlands Health and Wellness 

I highly recommend Heather to other health practices that are transitioning to functional medicine—or are needing to grow their practice and attract the right kind of client. Instead of trying to attract everyone, she has helped us hone in on our ideal client for our growing functional medicine practice. And she has inspired us in finding creative ways to communicate our unique message and services.

Her creativity and marketing expertise have really invigorated and united our team of practitioners. Her energy has renewed our energy!

website practitioners-3.png

I keep my methodology simple. It takes three steps to bring a brand to life in a meaningful and differentiated way.

DEFINE: We create the foundation for your brand through guided questioning. We identify your business ambition and your unique opportunity based off your ideal client's motivations, challenges and aspirations. Deliverables: 5 tools that in concert express the strategy behind your new brand.

DESCRIBE: We bring your brand to life both visually and verbally, and determine your signature services and pricing strategy. Deliverables: Your brand's mood board and program strategy.

DELIVER: We identify your communication channels (in-person and online), the role that each one serves and the corresponding marketing assets that in concert will best support your overarching vision and goals. Deliverables: A comprehensive marketing plan (including website, lead magnet, online survey, workshop series, partnerships and more).

I love the art of branding

I love the science behind functional medicine

I’d love to help you get your unique story out to the world


Contact me to discuss how I can create a customized marketing plan for your practice.

Initial brand assessments and recommendations starting at $997

(this includes discovery call and workshop)


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Business Love Notes

I just had to reach out to say "Thank You". In the boost training, you mentioned using screening questions for free consults. For the past few years, I've only used name, email, phone number. I added in the questions you mentioned and, overall, my consults have decreased (probably because they see my questions) but conversion rate has gone up. Thank you for this simple hack! - Cheryl 

Heather brings an obvious enthusiasm and zest to her programs. Not only that, she's organized. For those who find the whole business overwhelming, she has an ability to simplify it and make it seem doable. Highly recommended. - Dawn

I know that diversifying my offerings is an imperative for keeping me on my game with clients, but the overwhelm of program development has made me a procrastinator.  Your natural knack for simplifying the overwhelm has thawed me out enough to begin straw-horsing ideas for my first short program. - Kara

Heather has supernatural energy and her enthusiasm for health, wellness and coaching is contagious and inspiring. She is unabashedly generous in sharing her knowledge and experience with others, altruistically lifting the field as she herself becomes more and more successful. I am grateful to have found her through FMCA and look forward to seeing where she goes as a leader in the field of functional medicine health coaching. - Jenny

Heather is full of energy, motivation and savvy business ideas!  I reached out to her for help on pricing a group event and she got right back to me with more detail than I ever expected!  Her input was very helpful!  Every time I am in her presence she inspires me to be a better coach! - Linda

The BOOST training exposed me to some great examples of workshops and online programs.  I was then able to take those concepts, apply them to my business, and make forward progress. - Dixie

Heather's energy level is incredibly inspiring and I benefitted greatly by watching her engage with her tribe during the Boost. Her daily emails, regular Facebook Lives, and natural incorporation of her family life into the program & videos are helping me in many ways as I design my own group coaching programs. -Heather