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I took my life back


Do you consider yourself pretty healthy? 

I did too. I loved to mountain bike and I didn't need caffeine for energy. But then things changed. I got sick. And it wasn't a "cough-cough" kind of sickness. It was more insidious. Autoimmune diseases are like cancer, they don't appear overnight. They grow quietly until they get a good footing in your body and then they hit you by surprise and relentlessly knock you down. 

I first "noticed" my disease 11 years ago.

I looked fine, yet I wasn't. My joints hurt. I felt old. I was 32 and on more prescriptions than my dad. I was confused, annoyed, and spent a lot of time directing my anger toward my gene pool. Unbeknownst to me, my personal actions were heavily involved in leading me to this state of health. I tried to ignore the symptoms. I didn't complain. A friend recommended I eat healthier, like "Paleo" but life got in the way. Frankly, the way I saw it I was eating pretty healthy, especially when I compared myself to others.

Just over 5 years ago something clicked.

I realized I shouldn't compare my eating to others. I realized that going to the pharmacy every month for years was UNhealthy. I realized the adverse side effects of all the drugs were not worth it. And I realized that I actually could have a say in how I was feeling. 

I put myself on an intentional path toward wellbeing. 

I took my life back. And because I got my life back, I almost had to become a functional medicine certified health coach (through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine). :)

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