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Finally LOSE the weight and live FULLY into your potential. 

welcome to Root of Wellbeing.


My name is Heather. I’m a fan of leading a simple, yet full life. The thing I most value? Feeling good in my own skin. I used to be heavy. Today I use principles of minimalism, functional medicine and positive psychology to stay trim and fit as I manage three autoimmune conditions. My mission? Provide insight and inspiration to help you design a healthy and happy life so you release the pounds for good. Reasons to lose the weight are obvious, the path to doing so is anything but.

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Coaching helps you live the life you want to live with the body you most want to have.

Do you feel like your clothes are CHOKING you? Want to get your health back but not a fan of diets? Feeling stuck? Struggling to get off sugar? Maybe you’re unsure of what “diet” or cleanse to try, but you are sure that you want to feel like you can SLIDE into your clothes and go into your closet and not worry. A simple shift can ALTER the course of your life. Does the thought of starting over (again) feels overwhelming? Coaching is about breakthroughs that get you your high school / college / pre-baby body back. The one you didn't appreciate enough at the time, but would love to have now. If you want to break the cycle, if you want a new result, you need a new action. I’m a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach. Connect with me and we’ll work through the root causes—emotional, physical and mental—of what's got you stuck, and we’ll get you back on track.

Do you feel like your outsides don’t match your insides? Do you hate being so swollen? After years of emotional and physical discomfort, I have a body and life I love. I want this for YOU and I’ll partner with you to get you there. Meet Zanna and Kristina.

A special thanks to the below for sharing snapshots of my journey.